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A Word from the President


'Passion is the author of the great accomplished dreams'
Over 30 spent years in the seamanship they bring you to inevitably be demanding. To go over every compromise has been the dominant motive that pushed us to create this line of Yachts because a boat in first place must be such a boat. As it constitutes a meaningful good however, it must be sober in elegance, rich of charme, it has to mirror the desires of its owner and finally it has to reflect the image of its own lucky possessor. It must be safe, reliable and comfortable, so to allow long ranges where the limit isn't the limit imposed by the set destination, it must be today more than ever sparing in consumptions and in management. But more than every other thing it has to be able to stay in that so enchanting and fascinating sea and that sometimes, because of its own nature, it becomes adverse and menacing, guaranteeing therefore the maximum possible safety since the pleasure to sail must be always the same. Not last, it must be able to last in time and to maintain an economic value in shelter from every phenomenon of devaluation. These are the binding principles to which we inspired, realizing a line of Yachts in antithesis with the greatest part of the present boats on the market. Our haughty Yachts wouldn't be, but they are great class 'small' ships and they are able to emerge from the multitude and to catch the looks and the admiration of the craftsman.

A line of boats dedicate to the pure sailor, or for those people who wish to become him!