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More than thirty-years old is the experience in the speedboat racing that Guido Bonandrini brought joining himself to the Gamma Yachts group.
The great passion for the sea, the experience in navigation; but above all the great technical ability fully fledged in racing trough planning high technology hulls, through studying the different materials and a natural aptitude to the challenges for the record search, typical only of whom achieved world titles, all these factors contributed to create 'man's measure' Yachts, really 'as the owner wants them'.
But above all the hinge was the sharing of the values and the ideas with Marnix Hoekstra and Bart Bouwhueis, respectively naval engineer and naval architect and co-holder of the prestigious Vripack study in the Netherlands, that gave rise to this prestigious partnership of studies whereas the shut comparison, the passion and the competence, the styling and the technique found an unavoidable conjugation point in the born of these Steel Superyachts from 16 up to 24 meters length where the common denominators are: sturdiness, reliability, charme and elegance.