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Pre-sales: Gamma Yachts International offers an unique and exclusive service to the customers, its approach starts from the identification of the more agreeable model for what concerns sizes, expectations of use, necessity and desires. Starting from this fundamental approach, once identified the suitable model, we structure together with the customer the structural planning of arrangement, starting from the reasoned choice of the insides setting, of the materials, of the woods, of the fabrics, of the fittings, with the recourse to sophisticated techniques of rendering in such a way to 'show' the yacht as it will be. Not only; once started the yacht building, the customer will be able 'to touch with his own hands' the boat of his dreams with periodical surveys into the Shipyard, so to verify the conformity of the works in progress till the fateful moment of the launching and the final testing. Additionally, if our customer needs, we are able to assist him also for the financial accessibility to the product, in the credit societies choice, in the flag registration, in the crew training and in the transfer planning. Post-sales: A customer of Gamma Yachts ceases to be so only when his precious purchase is delivered, since this is when he becomes a valued partner. As such he will be indulged with an efficient non-stop support service, because our philosophy is also based on continuity. Gamma Yachts personally attends the owner and his crew during the first crossings, actively sharing in cruising operations.
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